The Jimmy Project!

This is a 1974 Jimmy. I traded this for my old 1979 Z28 to keep my butt outta jail (Irony to follow). Many things have changed since I started the modification process. This process will most likely never end. I got pipe bumpers front and rear, new tires, and put a CB with a linear in. The engine was bought from a co-worker and later rebuilt by Dale Maslin in Forest Grove. Don't let the 350 badge fool ya, there is a 400 sb @ 409 cu pushing 427 gross HP. Even with the lousey 3.07 gears in there it will move.. Did a 4 inch lift at Forest Grove Off-Road, and new dual 2.5 inch exhaust, 35x12.5x15, and some Bushwacker cut out fender flares.